Introducing CriticalLinc™. The network you trust has gone mission critical.

4G Advanced LTE network goes beyond reliable.

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Now Available: the S20FE from Samsung has been certified for the CriticalLinc™ Network.

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Wireless data enables endless possibilities. Smart cities and the Internet of Things are here, within your reach. Southern Linc has the network, data plans, and equipment to make it a reality.

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Before the Call

Before the storm. Before the emergency. Before the situation is mission critical, SouthernLinc employees are ready for the call.

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Mission critical Push To Talk that just won't quit.

Compare the two plans and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Icon of Chat Bubble Basic MCPTT

All the outstanding PTT features you're accustomed to and more. The Group List feature lets users create up to 10 lists of groups to scan, while the Priority Group feature sets the talk group that will engage before the other groups.

Icon of Lightning Bolt High Performance MCPTT

Get the mission-critical features of Basic Linc PTT, plus a number of outstanding features. Add Emergency Alarm, Emergency Call, Linc Map, and Linc Message for just $10 per line per month.

Feature Basic MCPTT High Performance MCPTT
Private MCPTT Calls check check
MCPTT Call Alert check check
MCPTT Calls to Enterprise Groups check check
Group List check check
Talk Group Scan check check
Priority Group check check
MCPTT Calls to Personal Groups check check
Broadcast Group Calls check check
Emergency Alarm and Call check
Linc Map check
Linc Message check
Image of Push to Talk Phones
Rugged phones for the most demanding situations.

Mission critical situations demand smart communication, connectivity, and flat-out ruggedness. SONIM phones stand out when all other devices fail. The XP8 and XP5s are the toughest, most reliable phones that money can buy. Their performance in punishing environments earned them their spot in the CriticalLinc LTE lineup.

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Image of a Push to Talk Icon
Get Push To Talk on any smartphone with Linc PTT.

Linc PTT is our smartphone Push To Talk (PTT) app that lets Android and iOS smartphone users communicate with each other and Southern Linc phones.

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Map of Southeastern United States
Coverage Icon We've got the Southeast covered.

Our mission critical LTE coverage is designed to be highly reliable. LTE network coverage is similar to iDEN coverage, but not exactly the same. Use the interactive map below to see the coverage in your area.

Coverage depiction does not a guarantee data speed or service availability. Coverage may not be available everywhere and is subject to change.

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